Jan 2020

(updated July 2024)

Bass Guitars:
- 2023 Indelible Lilo with EMG SJ + onboard compression with EXL160BT. 34" scale. BEAD
- 2017 ESP LTD F-4E NS (Indonesia) with EXL160BT. 35" scale (serial number -666). BEAD
- 2010 Washburn Taurus T-24 Natural (Indonesia) with EXL170. 34" scale. EADG

- 1996 self-built Washburn Dime 332 replica with SD SH-1n + SD SH-6b with EXL110
- 1984 modded Fender Squier Strat (Japan) EMG H2A-N + SD SH-8b with EXL120

Bass Amplifiers, Preamps, Cabinets, & Combos:
- Peavey MAX Bass Preamp (USA)
- BBE BMAX Preamp (USA)
- Peavey Tour 450 head (China; Gen 3)
- Peavey 410TX with four orignal Peavey speakers (USA) crossover & tweeter bypassed
- 1991 Gallien-Krueger 800RB head (USA)
- 1969 Sunn 200S/Sorado head (USA) (work in progress)
- 1969 Sunn Sorado cabinet with two original 15" Sunn "Guitar Transducers" (USA)
- Ampeg BA-110 combo (China)

Effects Pedals:
- 2017 Boss DS-1-4A (Taiwan; PCB) Distortion (black 40th Anniversary)
- 2000 Boss CH-1 (Taiwan; PCB) Super Chorus (analog version)
- 2018 Boss TU-3 (Taiwan; SMT) Chromatic Tuner
- DigiTech DROP-V-01 (China) Polyphonic Drop Tune
- ISP Decimator G-String (Korea; PCB) Noise Reduction Gate
- DigiTech Polara (China) Lexicon "Reverberation"
- 2018 Boss TU-3 (Taiwan; SMT) Chromatic Tuner
- 2019 MXR M108SE (18v) 10-band EQ
- DigiTech Metal Master (China; PCB; newer chassis) Heavy Metal Distortion
- 2009 BBE Sonic Stomp (PCB) Sonic Maximizer (aural exciter)
- 2001 Boss MT-2 (Taiwan; PCB) Metal Zone distortion
- DOD FX72 (1987-1996; USA; PCB; 11v) analog Bass Stereo Flanger
- - with ART-BILT Battery Door for 9v adapter
- 1987 Boss BF-2 (Japan; PCB; 12v ACA) analog Flanger
- DigiTech Metal Master (China; PCB; older chassis) Heavy Metal Distortion
- 1994 Boss MT-2 (Taiwan; PCB) Metal Zone distortion
- 1987 Boss PH-2 (Japan; PCB) Super Phaser
- Orange Fur Coat (China; PCB) Vintage Fuzz with Adjustable Octave
- 2021 Boss MT-2W (Japan) Metal Zone Waza
- 2020 Boss LS-2 (Taiwan) Line Selector
- DigiTech DF-7 (USA; older chassis) Distortion Factory
- DigiTech DDM (China) Death Metal distortion
- MXR Dyna Comp
- 2014 Boss DD-7 (Taiwan) Digital Delay
- DigiTech Mosaic

APC NET9RMBLK Rackmount SurgeArrest
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO 5 Power Supply
Furman PST-2+6 Power Station (x2)

- GLS tweed cables and GLS patch cords
- GLS 12AWG speaker cables
- Snark SN-8 clip-on tuner
- Dunlop Tortex .50mm
- Dunlop StrapLoks (on all instruments)
- Jodi Head Deluxe Leather Roller Strap (basses)
- Levy's Leather Roller Strap (guitars)

PA & Sound Reinforcement:
- Carvin 822 (USA) pair of 12" 2-way loudspeakers (8ohms; 50-300watts)
- Peavey XRD 680S Plus (USA) 8-channel powered mixer (150watts at 8ohms)
- GLS ES-85-S Microphone
- Boss VE-1 (Taiwan) Vocal Echo (reverb & pitch correction)
- TCHelicon T1 (China) Adpative Tone & Dynamics (compression/de-esser/exciter amalgam)

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